“OEMs, original equipment manufacturers, starting to reconsider Asia sourcing, global supply chains, you know, where their products are coming from and that presents a huge opportunity for manufacturing in our country.” – Bill Berrien | CEO | Pindel Global Precision | Founder | PRODx

In this week’s episode of “Wisconsin Made. The Podcast.” we highlight Pindel Global Precision and PRODx out of New Berlin and Linetec out of Wausau. These companies each experienced unique challenges in 2020 while also finding new business opportunities. Pindel Global Precision is a manufacturer of precision machined production parts and solutions. After witnessing the disrupted global supply chains and sudden increases in demand, Pindel Global Precision founded a separate owned company, Production Expediting Technologies LLC – PRODx for short. Linetec is a single-source solution for architectural finishing who continued to support their customers whose products help create and remodel critical buildings and structures throughout the pandemic.

Our guests joining us for this episode are Bill Berrien, CEO of Pindel Global Precision and Founder of PRODx and Jon Close, President of Linetec. Bill is an innovative leader who runs multiple manufacturing businesses in Wisconsin while Jon is a dynamic cross-functional business executive with experience in sales, marketing and operations. Tune in to this episode as we discuss on how they navigated 2020 and how the pandemic affected global supply chains and how that’s a huge opportunity for manufacturers in Wisconsin.

In this episode we answer:

  • Tell us a little bit about Pindel Global Precision and how the pandemic impacted you. (2:19)
  • How did the disrupted global supply chains lead you to beginning a new company Production Expediting Technologies or PRODx? (5:10)
  • What do you see moving forward with the rest of 2021 and the future of the manufacturing industry? (9:15)
  • Tell us a little but about Linetec, what do you manufacture in Wausau? (13:45)
  • What challenges do you anticipate still coming up as we try to navigate this new normal that we’re in in the presence of COVID still? (16:35)
  • What do you see as one of the biggest things you learned over this past year that’s going to help you succeed moving forward? (20:30)

In next week’s episode, we are going to be talking with Rick Ruzga, President of Power Test Dynamometers. We will learn about their ability to pivot to virtual trade shows to meet with customers, develop remote commissioning capabilities and still managed to give two percent of revenue to charity. The company also purchased meals from struggling local restaurants to donate them to hospital workers in the area.

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