Winners & Nominees

Each year, a strong field of nominees demonstrates that there are good stories to share in manufacturing. These nominees are dedicated to building a better Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award program honors businesses for their commitment to excellence, their employees, and the state. In response to a recent survey, award nominees stated the following reasons for entering the program:

  • Recruitment tool through the exposure to Wisconsin professionals.
  • Great deal of progress and growth in the last year.
  • Team members have improved the company in the last few years. We want them to be proud of their accomplishment.
  • To acknowledge the hard work and experience of our employees.
  • In addition to tremendous growth, we have a story to tell that could inspire others.
  • We had a very good year, which just keeps getting better.
  • An opportunity to be recognized as a quality organization.

Program Info

Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award winners exemplify the elite of manufacturing in innovation, commitment to excellence, dedication to employees, and investment in Wisconsin communities. There are a number of benefits companies experience when entering the award program.

Past winners have used the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award in their marketing and recruiting programs and have received positive media publicity. Award winners have come from all corners of the state and reflect the strength of Wisconsin’s manufacturing heritage.

The award program began in 1988 and has an average of 50 nominees each year. View the complete winner list.


The application process requires a thorough assessment of where a manufacturer has been, where it is, and where it is heading. Past applicants have noted significant value as a result of the comprehensive evaluation process.

Marketing Advantage

Organizations that win MOTY awards obtain well-deserved media coverage in their communities, business publications, and statewide press. Award winners have also used the MOTY logo to promote their company and products with external marketing campaigns, web sites, sales presentations, and publicity.

Morale Booster

Many companies have cited their workers as deserving credit for their awards. Executives have used the honor as an employee retention tool in showing appreciation to associates for jobs well done.

Past participants have provided compelling reasons to submit an application, including:

  • To share your story – businesses have great ones to tell.
  • To recognize employee hard work and dedication that have contributed to your company’s success.
  • To highlight corporate citizenship – manufacturers are assets to local communities and are good corporate citizens.
  • To join the ranks of other notable manufacturers.
  • To receive well-deserved press coverage.
  • To promote industry firsts and significant accomplishments.